Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I LOVE Primark - New in!


After more than half a year I went to Primark (Saarbrücken) again for some crazy shopping. And I wanted to share what I bought with you so that you get a little idea of what they currently have in their stores ;)

As the other 2 times I was there I didn't make it under 2 bags lol 

This is everything I bought that day:


I won't show you everything I bought that day in the details but some of the pieces I liked the most. And here we go!!!

Where else could you get a fake leather jacket for only 25€!? Love it! Been looking for a simple one like that.


I picked up 2 gorgeous rose gold watches, 3 rings (I already bought the chain that goes with the blue ring the last time I was there), earrings and some bracelets!


Love on the first sight. It's a taupe clutch with rose gold studs :) So beautiful! Can't wait to take it out.

I also got this super cool neon pink little shopper that is perfect for summer. (with silver hardware)

And I also liked this tangerine long clutch and had to buy it. All the 3 clutches were like 7€ each! For that price you can allow yourself buying more than one of these ;)

My new wallet in black and white.
(Fits perfect with the new bag I ordered but still didn't get yet ;))


Black with gold, goes around the waist!

Pink belt with gold leaves, also goes around the waist!

You probably wonder what these little red hearts are for!? Those are heart curlers!!!!! ^^

And this is how it works:

You roll some your (a bit wet) hair in and leave them over night in your hair. The next day when you wake up you take them out and you get natural falling curls.
(I already tried them out - Review coming! You might have seen already a picture of the result on INSTAGRAM)


I also bought some new polishes by Catrice and P2. Some NYX lip liners. A MAC 217 brush and a MAC lip pencil in cherry ;) And some other makeup stuff!

That's it! Don't forget to enter my new giveaway!
Have a nice week!!!



  1. waw, masive haullll, I love with all your choices, especially a taupe clutch with rose gold studs...

  2. Love it all! Specially the clutches :)

  3. Thank you! I'm already planning to go back there in 2-3 weeks xP

  4. Super haul! Primark vindt ik echt zo'n leuke winkel en ze zijn echt heel goedkoop! Die roze clutch is echt super leuk en die riemen!

    1. Sorry I just understood half of your message. I speak German, English, French, Serbian-Croation and luxembourgish! What did you say? I just under stood you like the rose clutch ^^

  5. So many nice things!
    I'm curious about P2 bases :3

  6. ech well och onbedengt mol an de Primark, mee ech sin nach nie dozou komm,
    mee wann ech emmer all di Saachen gesin, dei d Leit kaafen,
    dann sin ech emmer rem begeeschtert :)

    1. Ech wua iwer 10 Meint net mei, ass ioo och net sou no. An elo wielt ech am leiwsten rem dohin. Do fennt een emmer eppes! :)

  7. Loove your new clutches, especially the first one, so a-m-a-z-i-n-g! :) Great shopping!

    1. Ohhh I can't wait to go back! I need to buy a new bikini and they had beautiful red shoes I regret not buying but now I want them. And I have to buy the rose gold clutch like 5 times for friends lol

  8. Hunn mir dei selwescht Jacket kaaf;)



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