Tuesday, March 5, 2013

EOTD - Green With Envy aka Bronze Drama!

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in today's post I wanted to show you another of my favorite Maybelline quads I owe. Some week ago I already you showed you Taupe Tempress (scroll down) so today it's:


 (Excuse me if I feel disturbed by my little eyebrow hairs - I have pretty fast growing eyebrow hair!!!!!)

This is what the Maybelline Color Plush #40 Green With Envy shadow quad looks like:

I got this palette sent to me by a dear friend from the US and it seems that here in Europe it's available under another name, #22 bronze drama:

Since I love this quad I was lucky to get my hands on it in Germany (not available in Luxembourg at at all) to have it in case the other one is empthy ;) The colors are the same even if they might look at the second quad a bit darker (talking about the green one), it's only the light that makes it look differenty and since it's unused.

The first color is a very light apricot and should be applied under the eyebrows as highlighter, the second color is an orange-peachy color and goes on the whole lid, the 3rd color, which is a beautiful pale shimmery green (favorite color of this palette) is supposed to be applied in the out corner/crease, I also love to take it along my lower lashline. The 4th color is a black color with gold shimmer and is the eyeliner color that needs to go along the upper lashline.

Final toughts: As Taupe Temptress, I like the formula very much. Amazing drugstore poduct!!! They have a good pigmentation and hold all day long if you use a good primer. At the first look you wouldn't tell that the peach and green color go well together but for me this turn to be a really great combination ;) I only don't get the european name of it, bronze drama? I mean in my eyes there is nothing bronze about it...

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  1. what a pretty look *-*
    We don't have those quads here in Portugal too...and the ones we have aren't really pigmented xD which is a shame.



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