Sunday, March 24, 2013

Deauty Box Of March!

Hey gurls,

I received the Deauty box of March some day ago and here is the post about it:

This month there are 5 products in it and 3 little Eastern eggs ^^

Purelogy Hydareting Shampoo + Conditioner (50 ml):

"A combination of jojoba and green tea with anti-fade complex that protects the coloration. A real magic potion to give back some shine to your color and maximise the lasting. And to bring it to perfection, the hydrating conditioner will untangle and nourish the hair giving it a softness and brilliance. Full size: 250 ml for both, 21,15€ for the shampoo and 24,20€ for the conditioner"

I haven't tried them yet so I can't tell you if they are good or not but I will do that this evening and then do an edit in this post!

Yves Saint Laurent - Forever Young Liberator (5 ml):

"This innovative range of the YSL Forever Young Liberator is based on one element: the glycanactif. This combination allows to unlock the cells that bloc the youth proces and reproduce glycanes to stimulate the mechanism of skin regeneration. For more flexible, smoother brighter skin. First results after 7 days. Full size: 50 ml & price: 89€."

I tried it today for the first time and I noticed that it has a formula that really buffs into the skin and you can feel some kind of taut effect.

Nuxe - Protecting Oil (30 ml):

"Travel format. A dry multy-purposing oil that nurishes. It repairs and softens the face skin, body skin and even... the hair. Composed of more than 8 different essential oils, it leaves a vacation fragrance in the air and makes the skin soft. Doesn't make the skin or hair greasy. You can put some drops in a hot bath and relax. Full size: 50 ml & price: 19,90€."

Haven't tried this yet but will update this post about what I think of it ;)

L'Oréal Paris - Nude Magic CC Cream (full size):

"CC like Color Correction. The new generation of BB adds a correction with an illuminating effect. You would like to correct your redness or make your dull color disappear? L'Oréal Paris oofers two unique versions of the CC cream to reply better to your needs. Between care and makeup, an effective solution and easy apply that replies to a complexe skin. Full size: 30 ml & price: 13,99€." 

I tried it this morning and it's pretty orange... like orange. Maybe I used it the wrong way. I only applied it under my eyes like a conceiler since it's supposed to have a wake up effect but I don't know... I guess I need to check out some reviews maybe it works then...

Final thoughts: All in all I like this box! I'm already looking forward to the next one :)

Bye bye,



  1. I don't understand how it works with those various boxes, we don't have that here and I would love to try something like that!
    Anyway, I like its content, especially Nuxe and Easter eggs (you know me, chocoholic :D ) I've read a review of the CC cream somewhere already and I remember that it was similar as yours, not great. I'll let you know if I recall where was that.

    1. I'm really hating that CC anti-fatigue cream so far lol
      it's soooo orange... Idk.
      But the other two CC seems to be better.

  2. Fannen daat mat deenen Keschten deck flott, mee has de nach nt oft, dass Produien dran waren wous de wieklech guer nt gebraucht hues?

    1. Also daat do wua elo meng 2t an ech mirken lo schon dass vun deene insgesamt 9 Produiten die ech bis elo krut, 2-3 seelen benotzen xD Mais ech hun mir schon iwerluet wann sech nach mei sou Produiten häufen dann verschenken ech dei eng Keier an enger vun deene Keschten un eng Frendin oder eng Cousine ;)

  3. Now this is a nice box!
    Here in Portugal they started to release one like this called PoppyBox. It was a really shame because they only sent really tiny samples of the products - there wasn't any full-size product for example.
    This is a really nice one.
    Thank you for sharing

    1. It's pitty they don't deliver those boxes everywhere! Cuz I would like take 2-3 more of other boxes like the famous Glossy box, the Jolie box, and some other.



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