Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sleek Blush Review

Dobro vece!

Take a peek with SLEEK ;)

I won two Skeek blushes some months ago in a giveaway and I ordered two other Sleek blushes online.
Here are my thoughts:

Sleek MakeUp Blush is an extreme pigmented blusher that has many of a NARS dupe in it's shade selection line up. Anyone ever try it? Seriously, this stuff is amazingly awesome pigmented.

The four shades I’ve swatched for you here are:

This actually isn't really a Coral blusher at all instead it is more of a browned orange and is completely matte.

This is one of the two blushes I won, it's bright pink. Very pigmented and would look good on almost all skin tone, except on mine... I gave it to a friend of mine that is a fan of pink blushes.

Rose Gold
It's a peachy pink with a golden sheen.

It is a pink with red-brown/bronze undertones with a golden sheen.

I showed you four beautiful blushes but there are seven more blushes by Sleek MakeUp to discover. I would say there is a blush for every skintone ;) Just check them out!!!

My favorite is GOLD-ROSE:

It's definitely not for everyone as it's quite a full-on blush with the shimmer/glitter finish. When I wear this blush, I won't wear a separate highlighter as it would be too much.

Heavily compared to the infamous NARS Orgasm blush, this blush is very similar to it.
But I find that Rose Gold is lighter and a lot more peachy than Orgasm which has pink and peach. The glitter in Orgasm is more intense and many are put off by that but Rose Gold is shimmery rather than glittery. I think this is more wearable during the day than Orgasm is!
Rose Gold is more pigmented than the Orgasm, beleive it or not! I don't owe the Nars Orgasm, I just tried it once in the perfumery, got it applied on my cheeks ;) and been wearing it the whole day.
After having tried both… now I don't even think of getting myself Orgasm. Rose-Gold is incredibly good!
All in all about Sleek MakeUp Blush: 
  • - Crazy pigmented blushes
  • - Long-lasting
  • - Easy to blend
  • - The price: 6€/6,5 dollar
- Irsada


  1. Thanks so much for this insightful review. Rose Gold especially looks gorgeous! I've never seen anything exactly like it. I hope to try Sleek blushes someday. They seem totally worth buying!

  2. Rose gold is so beautiful! I think the metallic sheen will have such a beautiful glow when taking a pix! sooo pretty, must try this out!

  3. I should put Rose Gold in my next giveaway I guess ^^ We'll see!
    I'll post a pic of it on my cheeks in the next days ;)


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