Sunday, February 22, 2015

My favorite lipsticks!

Heeey guys,

First of all, before I start with the actual post I just wanted to say sorry for not posting anything in the last 2-3 weeks, this time it wasn't because I was too busy, it was all due to stupid circomstances... I was going to do an UNBOXING post about a package from a dear friend abroad (USA), so I was waiting and hoping it would arrive quite soon but it all took longer, like it was send almost a month ago and I still didn't get it :(
We both don't know but it seems like for some reason it arrived here in Luxembourg (where I live) and then was send to Switzerland, no idea why and some day ago, since my friend was finally able to find the tracking number and track it down, it looks like on Friday it was send back to Luxembourg :) So I hope I'll get it on Monday.

I just couldn't wait anymore, it drove me crazy that things went wrong so here is an actually non planned post!!!

Since I was tagged on Instagram a few days ago by the lovely @poppy_mallone asking me to show up my favorite lipsticks, which I already did with this first picture below (>>>@Irsada_lxbg<<<) I decided to take that idea further and do a blogpost with some swatches for you guys ^^

It was kind of hard but I had it down to these 9 lipsticks that I love over everything and that I'll buy over and over again as soon as they are finished.

SWATCHES using natural day light

MAC Ruby Woo
Bold red matte color. I barely wear red lipstick because I always believe it doesn't suit me or let's just say it out loud, I look like a russian whore with it but this one is one of the few that I can wear without doubt :) 

MAC Rebel
Pink plum with satin finish. Not only one of my favorite lipsticks. I guess everyone owns it. One of Mac's bestsellers I would say.

Maybelline Brazen Beige
light peachy beige color, from the Maybelline Color Sensational Stripped Nudes that came out last year.

YSL Rouge Volupté n°1
creamy natural pinky beige. This one feels so creamy on the lips! Also well pigmented.

Calvin Klein Retro
actually the real name is delicious truth. It's a very sheer candy pink. It's more of a decent color on the lips with a hint of shiny pink.

Swarovski Crystal Vintage Rose
soft rose color that contains candelilla wax and powdered Swarovski crystals and iridescent pearl.

Bobbi Brown Pale Pink
natural pink, more peachy toned thought but well pigmented and with a creamy matte finish

Flormar supershine n° 508
light redish color with supershine creamy texture and kind of a metalic finish

MAC Brave
nude pink color, comes off a bit brownish and has a satin finish

Yeah I'm more into pinky natural colors and sometimes it overcomes me and I choose a more vibrant color like Mac Ruby Woo or Rebel but all in all I like more of a classic look on the lips, then I go for more color on the eyes ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs and kisses :***



  1. Replies
    1. Whenever I'm at the Mac counter I pick it un, then I see it's brave and that makes me kind of feel proud that I don't betray my own taste ^^

  2. Beautiful picks Irsada! I loooooove lipsticks, even looking at them makes me happy! :) x

  3. These are some gorgeous shades, I especially like the YSL one!

  4. Lovely selection! A girl can never have to many lipsticks ;)

    x Claude

  5. I guess your lipstick collection is huge, I think I have 9 lipstick in total even though I love lip products, but I try to choose colors very carefully and here you have some gorgeous ones!!!! :))

    1. I know what you mean, I have a lot of lipsticks that I never wear. I promised myself that I'll be more picky in the futur when it comes to lipsticks.


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