Friday, August 22, 2014

Primark haul :)

Hey guys,

I'm back with a little Primark haul. I've been to Saarbrücken last week but I didn't find the time to do this post until now, I had some time management problems and then when I was ready to write this post my camera wouldn't upload all the pictures I made pfffff but now the problem is fixed and here is some of the stuff I bought at Primark.


Starting some jewellery!

I love Primark jewellery. You can get really great necklaces, bracelets, earrings for almost nothing there. Awwww and it's probably the one thing I can't leave without, I really can't go home without buying at least one new chain or something else from their accessoires.


So I bought two new chains. One with gold hareware and one big pearl and another one with lots of white pearls and a golden heart as pendant, plus the bracelet that goes with it. I think they were all 2,5 €, maybe the one with the big pearl was slightly more expensive. I trow the price tag away when I got home since I wanted to wear it like immediately.

And I don't know what happened to my mental wellbeing but the moment I saw they had quite a big range of hairbands in all colors and forms, I couldn't hold myself together. I grabbed 4 of 100 lol And I'm not even the typ of person that wears hairbands but as already said I just needed to those 4 and yes I might be that kind of girl that buys stuff she's never gonna even use but it's good to have them.. lol you never know. Althought I already wore one of these to a friend's wedding haaaa it was worth it.

I also bought this neon pink little wallet, or even clutch? Whatsoever I needed a smaller wallet because I have a Tory Burch wallet that doesn't fit in my smaller bags/clutches. I find it super cute and super affordable with only 5 € as price.

Primark Shoes... the second thing I can't go home without! I also always have to buy at least one pair of shoes at Primark or I won't feel good or I'll feel like the mission wasn't completed. lol you understand! These were 15 € if I'm not wrong.

Last but not least I bought this 'Rolling Stones' tshirt for only 10 €, and actually 3 more tshirts but those were basic tank tops in 3 different colors, didn't feel like mentioning them in this post.

I love those kind of shopping trips to different cities from time to time. And god knows I love Primark, you can find so many good stuff, and sometimes too much of everything. Whatsoever I do dislike the fact that they do not pay their employee the fairtrade way but there are so many other brands that don't do that. And I hate people that tell you don't buy their stuff, but they still do it... But this is not that kind ob blog where I wanna start discussions about politics or productions! I did notice that from the first time I bought there and the last time, I did change my buying habits. Now I buy less and I became more picky when it comes to their stuff.

Thanks for reading!!!

Next post is almost ready for upload ;)



  1. Wow I love the jewelry, I want to go shopping now :))

  2. I need those head bands! Seriously, they are so pretty!! *__*
    Take care*


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