Thursday, June 26, 2014

P2 Nail Care Oil

Hello again,

Here I am again, blogging. I know it's been some weeks if not a whole month but omg I've been so busy! I was working on a top secret project :) and I also spend 6 days in Mallorca (Spain)! While I was planning on doing posts from there, my laptop wanted to do go on holidays too, he just didn't want to ask me for the username and password of the hotel wifi network I was given.

But nevermind...

Back to my actual post I wanted to talk about my new nails! ^^ I decided to try gel nails out, for the first time. Yes, first time. I was bored of my short broken nails and needed a change. It's been already 2 weeks since I got them in case you were wondering why they are already a bit grown out. The girl who made my nails used at the end a nail care oil by P2 that I thought was pretty good.

P2 hands & nails nail care oil

"Rich nail oil with nurturing almond oil and refreshing lime aroma for intensive care of nails and cuticles. With vitamin E and F."




I think even a blind can tell there is a huge difference between before and after! :)
It smells good, it's all day lasting and I guess pretty cheap, this little miracle costs about 2,50€.

So if you're living in Germany or close to it like me and you plan a shopping trip, go to DM and pick this up!!!!

Have a nice day!


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  1. Ohh I've been looking for something like this! it looks really nice :3
    Take care**


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