Sunday, November 17, 2013

Clarisonic Mia 2 vs. Foreo Luna (mini)

Hey my lovely readers,

It's been some time that I'm thinking about buying a new hightech cleanser in order to clean my face more properly. And that's why I need your help! I don't know if I should join the hype and buy one of those clarisonic mia 2 cleaners or maybe go with a new product, the foreo luna face cleaner.

I'm doing it the old fashioned way, my routine for the moment looks more like this:

I use a normal brush for the face with some wash gel and then I rub it all over my whole face in rotary movements. 

Clarisonic Mia 2

  • from a lot of beauty gurus described as 'life-changing' 
  • price: about 150 €
  • it has a few different brushes for exchange, for different face types, about 25€ each
  • you can use it with peelings too
  • it has a travel box
  • 2 speeds
  • very handy
  • waterproof
Foreo Luna (mini)


The silicon nubs pulsate and vibrate that's how it works, they exists in a few variants:
the mini (in 5 colors) is the smallest, available for 119€, 
the LUNA for Ultra-Sensitive Skin, LUNA for Sensitive/Normal Skin & LUNA for Combination Skin, 169€ each,
also the LUNA LUXE with 18 carat gold and 4 sides for women 6000€ and with platin and bigger nubs for men for 8100€,
and the LUNA for Men with bigger nubs for 169€.

  • Foreo luna mini costs only 119€, affordable
  • 2 sides
  • handy, smaller that the clarisonic mia
  • travel box
  • also 2 speeds
  • waterproof
  • pretty fast recharged
- only for one special face type usable
- not usable with peelings
- only available at their official online store

I'll guess this will be a pretty hard decision! Do you have any experience with one of them?

I'm thankful for every comment!


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  1. I want to kick Google as hard as I can right now -.- this didn't showed up on my feed :/
    I never tried any of this machines. I've been thinking about getting either the Sigma Polish or the new Philips VisaPure.
    I wanted one where I would be able to change and use silicone heads and "fiber" heads as well. Sadly the Clarasonic doesn't have the silicone heads :<

    I'm sorry for not being able to help you more!
    Please take care, have a nice day!*


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